Fourth Graders Peek Into The Music World


Litzy Rodriguez, Reporter

Choir, Orchestra and Band students performed for 4th graders who visited South Houston High School on Dec. 8. The visitors came from elementary schools that feed into SHHS. The event showed the elementary schoolers the choices they will have as 5th graders when they have their first opportunity to enroll in those types of music classes.

Indeed, the performances made a big impression on the youngsters. “It was really fun! I was surprised to see how many different instruments there was. The big shinny tubas were huge, like, how can they carry it?!,” Pedro Alvarez, a 4th grader from Adela Young Elementary, said after the show.

Considering Valerie Lara, a junior that has been in band since 5th grade, band has created friendship bonds that will last forever. “I think it went well. I feel like the kids enjoyed it because it is important to be in some type of music program,” says Valerie Lara after performing with the band.