South Houston High School Students Strive for Excellence


Litzy Rodriguez

Senior Mireya Luna receives a patch for her UIL achievement.

Valerie Lara, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This years Academic Excellence ceremony took place in the Reinartz room on Nov. 13.

The ceremony acknowledged students who earned straight As for the previous school year semesters in their core classes or Bs in their Pre-AP or AP classes. There were a total of 101 students that were nominated for the ceremony, who received a ribbon and a total of 20 students who received a letterman or a blanket for achieving academic excellence for two years. Seven debate students got a patch and or letterman jacket for the 2015 University Interscholastic League Awards; those students have accomplished winning medals and trophies in their UIL activities.

This was sophomore, Adriana Fisher’s first year in being apart for the ceremony, and already she looks forward to returning to next years ceremony and maybe even letter. “I feel pretty good knowing that all my accomplishments from last year have come over, and I’m getting rewarded for something that should be almost as a given,” said Fisher said. Juniors, Stephanie Mendoza and Maira Torres, both lettered for Academic Excellence and both also see themselves at the ceremony next year. “I’m very proud of myself for my achievements, and being able to keep stable grades,” said Mendoza.

Parents of the students were also invited to be a part of the ceremony and also eat a continental breakfast with their kids afterwards where they visited with each other and took pictures. Roberta Williams, mother of both Michela and Micha Williams, juniors who lettered and received the UIL award, said, “They are two incredible young people, and I don’t say that just because I’m their mom… I know that they’re going to go far, and I’m very proud of them”

The ceremony began at 8:00 a.m. and ended before the start of 3rd period.