Seniors Cruise Down the Street


Yesenia Aguilera (12) Jesus Herrera (12) rocking their Fred and Wilma Flinstone costumes.

Eleazar Barrios, Reporter

Early Friday morning, Oct. 30, seniors from South Houston High School’s class of 2016 gathered around the Food Town parking lot for their annual Senior Bike Ride at 5:40 a.m. With a plethora of bikes scattered across the center of the Food Town parking lot, Assistant Principal Harvey Zuniga started off by speaking to the gathered 12th graders, “Good morning class of 2016.”

Many seniors gathered in their own little cliques, showing off their bikes and fragile floats. One bike in particular had a sound system playing booming rap music. One student commented on a mishap they experienced with their float. “We had a lot done, but it broke on the truck,” explained senior Jonathan Mata, whose float was Mario Kart themed. Many floats took less than a week and had a budget of $10.

Fire trucks and police cars were on standby, ready to divert traffic at a moment’s notice. The bike ride started in the parking lot of the Food Town supermarket half a mile from the school, proceeded down Shaver and ended in the school courtyard. The trail of bikes seemed endless in both directions of Shaver street. Sirens blared and lights flashed, warning drivers of the oncoming traffic of bike riders.

Seniors entered by the breezeway down D Hall and went into the courtyard where an assemblage of mountain, BMX and cruiser bikes quickly emerged. In order to attend the following pep rally, seniors needed a blue tyvek wristband, which they could only get if they participated in the bike ride. Teachers knew whether or not you participated in the bike ride by using context clues. For example, if you walked up to a teacher without looking sweaty or tired teachers knew you had not participated.

As they entered the cafeteria, cheerleaders and Jannettes stood near the hot food section of the cafeteria, and all attention was directed towards them as they kicked off their performance. They were soon surrounded by a cheering crowd. The band arrived late, but better late than never. They played in conjunction with both the Jannettes and cheerleaders dance moves. The pep rally ended with the serving of cinnamon rolls topped with icing served warm I� a sweet ending to a sweet morning.