Ninth Graders Attend Their First Day of School


A freshman pays attention to a teacher in Early College High School.

Yesenia Monterroza

ECHS English teacher Sherry Hart helps a freshman understand her schedule.

Ninth graders cast nervous glances and awkward smiles as they walked into new territory – South Houston High School – on Aug. 16 during Freshmen First orientation, as they got their first look at their classes and toured the school. Campus organizations came to help and support the freshmen and started off the 2020 school year in joyous spirits. Assistant principal, Joy Brown, said, “I love Freshman First. I love that [the ninth graders are] anxious, scared and excited, all at the same time.”

Two Freshman are taken to class by sophomore Jannette, Leslie Gonzales.

To help prepare the freshmen to navigate to their classes, and to represent the upperclassmen, organizations such as Cheer, Student Council and the Jannettes showed the freshmen around and demonstrated school pride by giving cheerful smiles and words of encouragement. Ninth grade teachers introduce themselves to the freshmen and shared key pieces of school policy as the students made their rounds to all their classes. English teacher, Kevin Potter, said, “the students have a great time meeting their teachers and making new friends.”

Kathryn Rodriguez – 9th. Student Kathryn Rodriguez laughs during the pep rally.

To finish off the eventful day, a pep rally was held with featured guest speakers, which included rapper “I am Justified”, who helped inspire the students to work hard this year and reach the goals necessary to achieve their dreams. Also performing was the school dance team, the Jannnetes, and the Mighty Trojan band. Freshman Nathalie Gomez said the pep rally was “interesting and different.”