Career fair presents future opportunities for our Trojans!!


Karen Corral, Reporter

South Houston High School hosted a career fair in the boy’s gym to encourage students to broaden their horizons and discover careers they wouldn’t have thought about getting into before. Thirty participating vendors were at the career fair, ranging from food services to medical imaging.     

 The fair gave students the opportunity to speak to representatives from local industries and colleges with real-world experience to gain information about potential careers or courses of study. “A lot of the students don’t know what educational qualifications are required… The vendors who came worked in that industry, so they can give firsthand information,” said Geraldine Melina, department chair of the Career and Technology Education department. 

Ms. Melina saw the success and projected that it will attract more vendors to appear to the career fair where students would gain new opportunities for their future.   

Students can expect to see the career fair next year, with a larger variety of vendors and surveys for students to give feedback. Some vendors are willing to offer scholarship programs to students attending future career fairs,” Melina said. The career fair had overwhelmingly positive feedback from not only the students, but vendors as well.