Dwane Lane Says Goodbye To The Trojans

Dwane Lane Says Goodbye To The Trojans

After working at South Houston high school as the head football coach for 5 years, and leading the trojans to districts playoffs, Coach Dwane Lane has been named the head football coach at clear creek high school.

Before coming to south Houston Lane was the assistant football coach at Clear Lake under Darrell Warden, who is going into retirement this year. Lane is proud he has impacted the lives of his students and increased the numbers in his program.

“We worked on three things: work ethic, commitment, and accountability and grew in those areas and we got guys going to college now and seeing that as an expectation to better themselves,” Lane commented on his accomplishments at south Houston.

Aside from teaching a whole new team and school he will have the plus side to coaching his own son for his first year in high school football. “I’ll get to see him develop in a program, but not only that also get to lead that program and like I always say to parents I’m going to treat your son or daughter just like I would my own son or daughter and now I will really get to put that into play”

As for his former school and students Lane was pleased to serve them as their head coach for the past five years. Everyone around him thought it was a “crazy” idea to go to south houston, but to Lane it was an opportunity and a pleasure to be a part of the Trojan family. Trojan Pride was a pride of his own.

“That’s what it really is a family we talk about trojan pride: I heard that when I came here “trojan pride? What’s this about trojan pride?” I want to be a part of that, I want a piece of that. No matter who we met the different graduating classes all the way back, alumni, are proud of south Houston I think that’s a neat deal even though we’ve changed differently over the years it’s a neat deal, that they all have pride about where they have gone to school and where they’ve been, and we want that we want that tradition to continue, and what we’d like now is to represent them and say that’s my school and I take pride in being a part of that. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to come here and serve the students and that they allowed me and accepted me, and they worked hard with me and the coaching staff.”