Preparing To Achieve American Dream


Destiny Vera , Reporter

SRL is a student reporting lab intended for young adults to take over and get the feeling of an actual reporting lab, in a school work place. The Torch staff participated in a story for SRL about the Early College School and Career and Technical High School. These schools were chosen by the Torch staff to represent how these resources in Pasadena help students.

The purpose of the schools was to encourage the future generations of students that college is a possibility for everyone and with the help of these schools that give students opportunities to earn credits in high school. Students are saving the money of not paying thousands of dollars for the college classes as well. Therefore, by the end of their junior year students have college credits already and continue their classes at San Jacinto Community College.

The whole point of the schools is to help students get ahead with their credits and earn college courses while still enrolled in high school level classes as well and on their home campus. Eventually in the student’s junior year, they begin taking classes at San Jacinto College Campus’. The courses provided at these schools are different in some ways. CTHS has courses that prepare students for certain careers in the Houston area therefore the students at CTHS choose a career pathway and enroll in the certain classes required while still juggling they’re on level high school courses. The difference is at ECHS the students are taking their high school courses and regular college courses at the same time.

These schools were built to help shape the way of these students and how they view the future beyond high school.