ROTC Students Honor the Life of a Local Hero


Ruth Romero

Naval JROTC students from South Houston High School commemorated the memory of a Pasadena at Bobby Shaw Intermediate School during Pearl Harbor Day, Dec 7. The school was named after Robert Shaw, a Pasadena HS graduate who dies with fellow band members during the sinking of the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor bombings in 1941. The JROTC students conducted a Flag Ceremony that accompanied a presentation about Shaw by the principal, Darby Hickman.

“It was really an honor of mine to have been part of the commemoration of Robert Bobby Shaw,” junior Battalion executive, Hugo Salazar said.

NJROTC students of high rank marched into the cafeteria while carrying an American flag. Choir director Melissa Medina conducted her choir, which sang “Old Glory” in respect to the memory of the local hero. Hickman gave a presentation about the life of Robert Shaw to the attending intermediate schoolers, faculty and staff. The principal emphasized how Shaw positively impacted people from close friends to family.

Describe in a couple sentences what the flag ceremony looked like specifically.

During the flag ceremony, there was students sitting down attentively listening to what the principal had to say. The ROTC students marched to the center of the cafeteria, some carrying the flag.

” It was an honor of mine to represent South Houston’s ROTC programmed during a commemoration of a fallen hero,” Christina Martinez, junior executive officer commented.

Later on, the ROTC students walked on stage each instructed to turn around and give one another the United States flag in folded manner. Once the flag was given to the principal had a few words to say and then a moment of silence was given in Bobby’s memory.

Principal Darvy Hickman shows his pride on the annual ceremony, “When I look around at the district and I see all the different names of schools I feel very privileged and honored to be able to represent to represent Bobby Shaw and the memory of him through our students.