Cross Country Runs Through Waves

Sarah Meyer, Reporter

With the first two meets cancelled because of Hurricane Harvey, the cross-country team started the season back up on Sept. 8 with its first meet at East Beach for the Galveston Beach Run. The varsity boys placed 4th out of 17 schools, while the varsity girls placed 6th out of 16 schools, with Rihanna Mozingo (10), Juan Colmenero (11) and Jesus Alejandro (10) all running in the varsity race. “It was a good start to the season, and I feel very confident about season,” said South Houston HS coach Laurie Aubin. With all but one of the varsity boys graduating in 2017, there was a new wave of runners “Jose TK (grade) told me ‘I don’t race people, I race times’ and that’s why I joined cross country” Ramiro Gonzales Soph .