Seniors Share Their Favorite High School Memory

Valerie Lara, Editor

As the year approaches toward the end, the class of 2017 take their final exams, pay their remaining fees, and say their last goodbyes to fellow classmates and teachers. While the high school experience wasn’t exactly like the movies we see on tv, several students still had memorable moments during their 4 years. Here are some of our very own seniors reminiscing on their favorite high school memory and where they will be attending afterwards.


Senior, Erik Lopez.

“Playing baseball with my brother his senior year in my freshman year, as I look up to him and made me grow as an individual and become successful.” – Erik Lopez / The University of Houston.

“Getting to go to moody gardens with the aquatic class my freshman year!” – Jannet Montoya / The University of Houston


“Definitely going to Disney my freshman year. I know freshman year was only the beginning of my high school life but the people that year, the new friends I made and to have them all at Disney was something new and a great experience. I will never forget marching down the parade of lights at Magic Kingdom. I literally could not stop smiling it was the greatest feeling.” – Sindy Trejo / The University of Texas at Austin


“Honestly my favorite high school memory was stepping on the football field for the very first time, and feeling that sense of adrenaline and pride for those 2 minutes.” – Alma Amaya / Texas State University


“Learning something new everyday about both the world we live in and people we share it with.” – Eleazar Barrios / The University of North Texas


Senior, Rebecca Miller.

“The Memorial game freshman year. It’s probably my favorite memory because even though the game got rained out on a bad note, we still had lots of fun being ourselves and being together. We all joined [one another] to have fun by making music and loving each other. That’s when I realized that the people around me were my family and I wouldn’t change that for the world.” – Rebecca Miller / The University of Texas at Austin


“My favorite [memory] has to be six flags, it was a great experience with some awesome people who brought out the fun on the bus.” – Nina Hernandez / Texas State University
“My favorite high school memory was making all state choir because I never thought I would make it this far and it was such a huge accomplishments.” – Mariah Martinez / The University of Texas at San Antonio

Senior, Carlos Valles.


“Senior bike ride was my favorite memory, it was a fun process as we were able to dedicate our time to something so unique and imaginative.” – Carlos Valles / San Jacinto College


“My favorite high school memory is attending dual credit, it made me more social and confident in my studies. Being in dual credit gave me independence, I made new friends and was able to learn and gain knowledge and bring it [toward] my high school classes.” – Stephanie Mendoza / The University of Houston