Trojans new Cheer Squad

Karina Delgado, Reporter


On February 1, cheerleader and dance coach, Saranya Taylor arranged a meeting for the upcoming cheerleaders in the school cafeteria, at least 25 students attended the meeting.

Coach Taylor talked about when she was in dance during her high school years and explained what were the requirements and guidelines.

“I was not a cheerleader in high school, I was a dancer. I danced in high school and college . Cheer is very similar to dance and they’re both like a spirit program. It was fun to be able to do cheer also and it kind of brings everybody together to work as a unit. I do have high hopes for the upcoming cheerleaders, we have been winning national champions now for 3 years straight, so I’m hoping this next new group would work just as hard so next year we can go to nationals [once again.] I expect them to be self-driven, committed , and excited.”

The requirements and guidelines for being a cheerleader are:

-Maintaining a 75 and above for all classes

-Student are expected to uphold a standard to be part of cheerleading; maintain good physical shape and improve all skills, discipline.

-Can’t be absent over 50% of the school day

– All practices and games are mandatory

-Cheerleaders are expected to be models of good behavior; integrity, honesty, demonstrate respect to fellow squad members’, students and parents within the organization.

– Receiving ISC won’t be tolerant


Sophomore, Caribbean Detiege said “I came here to try out with my friends today and I’m excited, hopefully we can make it.”

Junior, Tamira Oliver who also tried out mentions how she was a cheerleader last year at her old school so she believes she has all the right techniques to be a cheerleader. “I’m pretty loud and friendly!” She adds.

Freshmen, Anahi Oroya said “I was a cheerleader for two years 4th- 5th grade and then I stop because I injured myself. It looked fun to try out with my homegirls, and I have the spirit of a cheerleader I like laughing and smiling.”
Junior, Marco A. said “This is my second year in cheer, I became a cheerleader during sophomore year. I didn’t knew anything about it until I joined. I wasn’t inspired to join the squad, but someone asked me if I could join and I said ‘ sure, why not.’

This years new 2017-2018 Squad


Viviana Montemayor – Captain

Juliana Rosales a�� Co Captain

Adamari Lopez

Brittney Castaneda

Deja Henry

Adamari Lopez

Flower Lopez

Ishbel Nino

Janice Aguirre

Jaslyn Vasquez

Jessalyn Soto

Joann Jaramillo

Lita Quintania

Mariah Mancillas

New Sub Varsity

Alazae Duron

Anahi Arroyo

Ashley Avelar

Ashley Marquez

Clarissa Castillo

Glennara Simien

Itzaira Aguilar

Lelbyllen Gutierre

Anahi Oroya, freshmen “I’m so glad I made the team for this upcoming year. Tryouts were hard but I made it. I had my friends supporting me but, sadly they didn’t make it.”