Trojans go big for Promposals


Karina Delgado, Reporter

Do you remember how you popped the question? The one that goes, “Will you go to prom with me?” Promposals these days are as fancy as the marriage kind. People go to crazy and great lengths to get a yes’. Promposals are not new by any means, but they have gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. There’s even a national promposal day! March 11 is the day for high school students across North America to come up with a unique way to invite someone special to the event of the year.
Prom takes a lot of planning, but it all starts with the perfect way to ask. Two South Houston High School students went above and beyond to make their own promposals different from the traditional way of just simply asking.

Senior Jacob Aguilar asked his prom date in a musically different way!

According to The Book of Mormon, it’s Wicked, to say no to this,are titles and a lyric from musicals. The second to last poster, To say no to this is a lyric from Hamilton. Aguilar holds a sign with the big question on a playbill, which is a theatre program. It took him three days to buy the materials and put it all together. Aguilar asked his date in the choir room during 7th period. Aguilar’s date was a lead in the school’s most recent musical, “Once Upon a Mattress” and likes musicals a lot. “So I decided to go with a musicalthemed promposal, Aguilar said.

Senior Vivian Reyes asked her mom to go to prom with her while she was working in the front office at Milstead Middle School. She started off the promposal early in the morning. She had random students deliver one red rose every hour before her mom would arrive at the attendance office. Vivian and her friends and fellow seniors, Jannet Montoya, Sindy Trejo, Carlos Valle and Mariah Martinez, walked in the attendance office to perform the song ‘My girl’. At the end of the song, Vivian popped out from behind the group of friends and asked, Will you be my Prom Mom?” After a lot of confusion, laughs and some tears, her mom said, yes! “Asking my mom to prom was a great idea! She didn’t get to go to hers, and that never sat right with me. I’m glad she said yes!” said Reyes.