Distinctive Alumni are Inducted in This Years Hall of Honor Ceremony

Distinctive Alumni are Inducted in This Years Hall of Honor Ceremony

Karina Delgado, Reporter

On Oct. 6, past graduates from South Houston High School were recognized and inducted into the Hall of Honor. The Hall of Honor is the school’s way to recognize students and teacher alike. In addition to being inducted, the alumni got to relive their youth and be witnesses to the new traditions.

Dickie Cloutman, a graduate from the class of 1964, said that the idea of being at homecoming was really emotional for him because he would be able to see some of his old friends, in hopes of reconnecting with them once again. Despite the visual changes in the campus, like the senior courtyard, the main hall, and the cafeteria, he considers it to be a good change as the school appears to be well taken care of. “We used to be the students, but now we are the old people”, Cloutman said.

As the alumni walk past the hallway, they can see or recognize their teachers from their time of year. As you can see, right to left : Steve Pilling and Karen Bradsaw visiting for the third time. “Being able to see this school change over time makes me a little sad, but I do like the changes a lot. What I can remember, about the senior court yard was, grass.” said Mr. Pilling “Any advise I can give you is ‘Choose your major carefully” has claimed Mrs. Bradsaw.

From left to right: Craig Archer, Pam Abrams and Glenn Abrams. Pam and Glenn Abrams were high school sweethearts in 1965. ” I loved South Houston High School, we knew we were having fun in our generations” said Glenn Abrams. Craig Archer was one of Glenn’s best friend in high school, both of them played baseball.” I’ve been in baseball for 3 years since 1962. We’ve won district in 1963″ said Abrams and Archer.