South Houston Students Have a Pumptastic Time


Vivian Reyes

Every October, pumpkins are carved, decorated, and put out on porches/doorsteps to be showed off. These strange spooky orange fruits sit outside peering out from the sidelines. A sure sign that the Halloween season is in full swing. According to, carving pumpkins for the Halloween season has been a tradition that originated hundreds of years ago in Ireland. The original jack-o-lanterns were carved from turnips, potatoes or beets. This year, however, South Houston High School students stuck with modern tradition by carving strange and fun faces from pumpkins.

SoHo continued the pumpkin carving tradition with the second annual Pumpkin Decorating and Carving Contest. Students and staff were asked to carve or decorate a pumpkin that represents South Houston’s Trojan pride. Entries could come from a school group, department or individuals. Assistant Principals judged the pumpkins on October 28th, and the top three finalists for both group and individual categories received prizes donated by local sponsors: McDonalds, Cinemark, Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Raising Canes, Bath & Body Works, Boudreaux’s and Brewingz. In addition, anyone who participated will receive a free popcorn coupon at the school store.

Emily Rhymer teaches ESL and is the co-chair coordinator for the contest. Rhymer stated, “Last year we had a really good turnout for our first year. This year we even exceeded our expectations with over 42 entries. It’s been really fun to see how creative the students and the staff have been with this contest, and we’re very grateful to see such a great showing of school pride. We are very excited to do it for many more years to come.”

Winners were announced on the announcements after the weekend, and the pumpkins were put on display for Trunk or Treat on Oct. 28.

This year’s group pumpkin contest winners were:

1st Place- Katherine Alba and FCCLA members

2nd Place- Connect Piglets aka Minerva Mejia and Lorena Gonzalez

3rd Place- There was a tie between Harydzak’s Omega math class and the

Connect Nightmares aka Armando Alonso, Javier Coutrera, Allah Partida and Fatima Flores

This years individual pumpkin contest winners were:

1st Place- Vivian Reyes

2nd Place- Elizabeth Martinez

3rd Place- There was a tie between Elizabeth Alanis and Elizabeth Martinez


South Houston High School’s Torch staff get together with pumpkins for Trunk or Treat.


Alejandro Cruz, junior, sits in Alba’s nutrition and wellness class carving his pumpkin.