Zombies, Treats, and Haunted Rehearsal Rooms Spook up SOHO

Valerie Lara, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A Demented Haunted House and a Zombie Run were new attractions at this year’s Trunk or Treat festivities that took place at South Houston high on Oct. 28. Orchestra students converted their rehearsal hall into a creepy, scary-fun maze, while the club NOZ teamed with Cross Country to chase fun-seekers through the darkened halls of the schools. In addition, the LAS-sponsored Trunk or Treat welcomed neighborhood kids in the front parking lot, as did the products of the Pumpkin Carving Contest held earlier in the week.


A variety of school organizations lined up their own Halloween-decorated cars, and came up with themed activities for the kids to enjoy while also handing out plenty of candy and treats. Key Club president Sindy Trejo, senior, believes that the club organization did a great job with adorning the car and making sure the kids had a good time. “It was a successful night, for sure,” Trejo said.

Along with Trunk or Treat, this year’s first ever Zombie Run also took place that afternoon. The event was hosted by the NOZ frat as a fundraiser that ended up accumulating $200. The course started off in the entrance of the school, tangled its way down D hall, all the way up to F hall, and exited toward downstairs K hall. The course included a total of 44 zombies and had a total of 80 students and staff attending. During the event, the lights were dimmed and “The Walking Dead” theme song played all over the school from the public address speakers. NOZ president, Sean Bryant, believes that the whole event turned out to be a success given the short amount of time they had to prepare. That does not mean that the group wouldn’t consider improving it. “They will be doing it next year but in another way,” said Bryant.

The Demented Orchestra haunted house also premiered on Friday night, making the activity a fun way to raise money for Orchestra materials and future field trips. The event raised $346 dollars that night. “I was asking every class period what they wanted to do for Halloween, and mostly everyone was coming up with brilliant ideas,” said orchestra director, Ovidiu Manolache. “So we voted on which event we should do, and everyone voted for a haunted house.”

This is the fourth year that South Houston HS has celebrated Halloween with a Trunk or Treat.