SoHo Recognizes Former Staff, Alumni and Homecoming Queen, King


Eleazar Barrios, Reporter

The Homecoming King and Queen, and former students and teachers that were inducted into South Houston High School’s Hall of Honor earlier that day, were presented to the Veterans Stadium crowd before the Homecoming football game against Deer Park on Oct.8 that resulted in a bruising loss for the Trojans. “It’s a really good experience for your high school years,” said Nicole Juarez, mother of Esteban Ponce.


At halftime the homecoming king and queen nominees were escorted and presented to the spectating crowd. Homecoming king nominees were Esteban Ponce, Oscar Castro and Omar Daher. Homecoming queen nominees were Nina Hernandez, Doria Salinas and Karianna Garcia. Nina Hernandez and Esteban Ponce were selected homecoming queen and king for the graduating class of 2017. “It was a really nerve-racking moment,” said Hernandez about being chosen homecoming queen.


Three former students – Dee Ann Pederson, Stewart Russell and Wayne Armstrong – were inducted for what they have accomplished since graduating from high school. Two former English and business teachers, Barbara Lee and Patricia Bundy, were also inducted into the Hall of Honor for their impeccable characters as teachers and their inspiring influences. After the induction, the honorees stayed throughout the homecoming game. “I am very proud and honored,” said Barbara Lee, a former English teacher.


When alumni were asked what they remembered about their homecoming games when they were students, some could not recollect specific memories but could only identify some differences from their homecoming game to this game. James Lowrey, class of 1977, recalled, “There was a lot more people on the drill team, a lot more people on the football team, and a lot more people in the band for some reason.”


The South Houston Trojans varsity football team played against the Deer Park Deers. The Trojans encountered both a strong offense and defense from Deer park that resulted in a loss for the Trojans and a score of 59-7. “Things just got worse in a hurry,” explained Dwayne Lane, head football coach. Trojans found themselves overwhelmed by the amount of players Deer park had. Deer Park had enough players to outrun and outplay the stamina drained Trojans.