Meet the New Principal


Vivian Reyes, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Andrea Wenke is the new principal of South Houston High School, taking over for Steve Fullen, who now works as an associate superintendent at Pasadena Independent School District. Wenke has worked in education as a teacher and associate principal for 17 years, and this is her first position as a high school principal. Her focus at South Houston so far has been to keep students safe, and happy. “Student safety is number one, but ultimately I want every student to have a fabulous high school experience. I want the seniors to have a wonderful year, and I want all the underclassmen to have a great year here, and enjoy being here. We want them to pass their EOCs so they can graduate, but definitely student safety is my biggest worry when I come here.

This is Wenke’s 33rd year in education. She graduated from the University of Texas in 1983. Before beginning her year at South Houston, Wenke’s first AP assistant job was at Deepwater Junior High in Deer Park. She later moved on to Deer Park High School for three years, and was the associate principal of Pearland High School for another three years, she then became head principle of the ninth grade center in Pearland for four years, and, lastly, was a principle at Junior High West for two years. “I’ve always wanted to be a high school campus principal,” said Wenke. “There were two openings, as a matter of fact: Memorial and South Houston. However, I only applied here because this is where I wanted to be. Great school, great staff and students.”

Along with having a new principal, students and staff members will have to adapt to new rules. Administrators at South Houston HS are enforcing certain rules this school year that had been laxly enforced in the past. Wenke decided to reinforce rules such as wearing ID’s and following school dress codes, and also decided to not assign lockers to students. Principal Wenke said, “The IDs, are not a new rule. We’re just enforcing it, and I had students coming up to me saying they like the idea of wearing their ID’s because they feel safe. I’m glad to hear that because anybody can pull into the parking lot and come on campus.”

As for dress code, Wenke said the school board establishes that, and the school staff simply needs to reinforce it. ” The Pasadena Independent School District has established the following standardized dress code for students. Wenke also decided to not issue lockers this year and allow students to wear backpacks instead. “Lockers are too far apart from classes. It’s not feasible [to use them and get to classes on time],” she said.

Jaywalking has been a problem for a while, accidents occurring mostly every day. The past week a student got hit by truck while walking across Shaver St. The past year some accidents occurred at SHHS. A seventeen-year-old was walking across the street after she came out of a donut shop that is located right across from the school, where cars were passing rapidly at that very moment. She was struck by a vehicle on March 28, 2016. She suffered from severe injuries, including broken bones, and head trauma.

Wenke is reinforcing the fact that, despite the seemingly traditional flow of students going to and from campus during school hours, the school’s in the district are not open campuses. Wenke stated firmly, “When you arrive at school you have to be on campus before school starts or during school students can’t skip during school or go out to eat.”

Teen charged in death of SHHS student” a couple was skipping school on May 30, 2016, Karen Perez and her boyfriend were seen a near place restaurant, Karen Perez went missing and a few days later they found her body. However, no one was aware that Karen’s boyfriend was threatening her to skip, or she would regret it. This is an example of why you shouldn’t be skipping with anybody even if they force you or threatening you. If they do go tell an adult to save you form that kind of situation.

Students who don’t follow the rules will be put in ISC/ISS. Principal Wenke wants to make a change at SHHS she wants a safe campus not just for this year, but all the years to come. “Student safety came from me, but my team enforces the rules. Our goal is to keep everyone safe”.

Wenke is currently happily married, and has a 13-year-old son named Landon she hopes to have attend South Houston High School next year. “I love, love, love South Houston so far. The kids here are soa�� nice, kind, smart, talented.”