Student Finds Herself in Poem


This “found poem” by Melissa Perez, junior, was inspired by actor Misha Collins.

Destiny Vera, Reporter

Melissa Perez, junior, wrote a Misha-Collins-inspired “found poem” that caught the eye of her English III teacher, Lance Jaramillo, who shared her work with the assistant principal of the English department, Bradley Luster. The assignment was to write an essay about a role model the students look up to and turn it into a found poem. Perez wrote about the actor Misha Collins and the influence he has had on her. “He’s very selfless and not afraid to be different,” Perez said.

Perez knew immediately who she would use as her muse. She states how Collins has been through dark moments in life but still managed to overcome them and be successful. In addition, Collins has been known to perform various good deeds. For example, he founded the charity Random Acts in 2003 to help struggling people in need. Perez was comfortable with the found poetry assignment because she had done some before, and it took her only two hours to generate this found poem, which is a combination of text and imagery, even though she had some complications figuring out the specific sketch and layout she was going to use.